USA California / Nevada / Arizona Road Trip May 2016 Day 6 – San Francisco Part 2

Day 6 – San Francisco Part 2

The 6th day of our trip, 2nd full day in San Francisco was again a 9am start. We thought it would be a good idea to get our pick of car park spaces so we decide to use the same car park as the day before arriving roughly the same time. We park our car in the exact same spot and begin our walk to Pier 33.

We purchased tickets online 3 months in advance for the Alcatraz tour, one of the worlds most famous prisons. As we walk down the Embarcadero, we pick up some snacks along the way and see some iconic names such as Pier 39. We also see a sign for Bubba Gump, a possible eating option for later in the day. I’ve eaten at the Bubba Gump chain in Bali, Hong Kong and Manila, I figured it would be nice to add a US city to this list too.

I also remembered to bring my Go Pro with me. Forgot to bring it out with me the other days. So off we go, boarding begins for our departure and the winds begin to hit us full flow in the face.

This is what we are leaving behind.

 photo 1_zpsi3hxconh.jpg

This is where we are heading too.

 photo IMG_7866_zpsez3mrldt.jpg

After 15 minutes, we approach the island.

 photo 2_zpsbwuj5egz.jpg

Coming close to docking point, I get a moment of excitedness where I am actually about to step foot onto this iconic location. It’s also the place where Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery filmed the movie The Rock. This in my opinion no doubt made Alcatraz even more iconic, especially to international visitors.

 photo 3_zps1pp4lgal.jpg

I notice there’s some kind of graffiti on the side of the first building we see. Indians Welcome.

 photo 4_zpsacmzxpuq.jpg

We spot some more graffiti linked to the first one.

 photo 7_zps7lyfx7y7.jpg

We disembark and I take a quick snapshot of the boat.

 photo 6_zpsjymjqjdb.jpg

Welcome to Alcatraz Island! 🙂

 photo 5_zpsw61fqsla.jpg

Amazing. With the prison closing in 1963, none of our group had any idea that Alcatraz Island was part of an occupational protest by native Indians in 1969 lasting for 19 months. Luckily the tour guides are all great and full of information explaining to us the past. I won’t go into it too much but for those interested information can be found here.

A quick look at the map before we head indoors. We definitely don’t want to get lost here.

 photo 8_zps7bftjamb.jpg

Will let the pictures do the talking.

 photo 9_zpsxbghodny.jpg

 photo DSC_0581_zpsdb1wcxb7.jpg

 photo DSC_0583 1_zps2gbhzde7.jpg

We enter the cell areas listening to the audio tour as we go along.

 photo DSC_0583_zpshogivrlu.jpg

 photo DSC_0592_zps1ie0erir.jpg

The escape from Alcatraz. These inmates were never seen again.

 photo DSC_0599_zpsdvtpexfq.jpg

 photo DSC_0598_zpseoqedtr6.jpg

This is where one of the chemical missiles were hidden in the Rock movie. 😀

 photo DSC_0638_zpstiggitxt.jpg

It was a stunning view of San Fran from the island.

 photo DSC_0628_zpsbltgc8n5.jpg

View of the Golden Gate Bridge.

 photo DSC_0640_zpswzmgr6nq.jpg

As we complete the tour, we are told that this was the menu of the last meal to be served in the prison.

 photo DSC_0664_zpswmhz1hkt.jpg

We hop onto the next available boat back to shore and grab a quick 10 minute nap. We spent about 3 hours in total on the island. It was very educational and truly a great experience. If you are a tourist and only get a day to spend in San Fran, do try visit the prison!

Back on shore and a walk from Pier 33 to Pier 39. It’s time for lunch so we head to Bubba Gump.

Here was a surprise.

The view from inside the restaurant was lovely. No wind too which was a bonus!!!

 photo IMG_7869_zps6lb8qmxu.jpg

Anyone for a smoothie or a fancy drink?

 photo IMG_7868_zps2jkdj7uo.jpg

Shrimp and salad.

 photo IMG_6675_zpsbqabdbln.jpg

 photo IMG_6674_zps1phgtigd.jpg

After lunch, Pier 39 wouldn’t be the same without a visit to the local residents.

 photo DSC_0685_zps5ktzqivn.jpg

It was really windy so I didn’t stay there long. After this we decide to head back to the car and do some driving around San Francisco. Bonus, our parking for some reason cost $10 only, the day before it was $45. As we initially decided to drive and and park due to the BART cost, this incident added extra value to our decision.

After driving around for 30 mins admiring the views, we reach Lombard Street. Driving up and down these hills is truly a great encounter! 🙂

 photo IMG_7870_zpsqx2bhkjz.jpg

Our last day in San Francisco comes to a close. We have ticked off everywhere we wanted to see and as it’s now 4 hours since our Bubba Gump meal, we unanimously agree to eat at In and Out Burger again. This place certainly lived up to the hype. So back to Daly City we go and then back to the hotel where we prepare to pack for the next day drive to Las Vegas.


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