USA California / Nevada / Arizona Road Trip May 2016 Day 7 – Arriving in Las Vegas

After a fantastic 3 nights in San Diego and now a further 3 more in San Francisco, it was once again time to pack our belongings and embark on the next step of our journey. This time however the drive would be longer. The distance according to our GPS from San Francisco to Las Vegas would be approximately 600 miles with a drive time of around 9 hours, 150 miles and 2 hours further than the drive from San Diego to San Francisco.

With this in mind, we leave the hotel at 7am and make our way towards Gilroy before cutting across on Highway 152 to get back onto the i5. After a short 10 minute pit stop on Highway 152, we proceed to reach the Interstate in good time.

Our journey took us through Bakersfield. Many years ago I would see this place on maps only, notably on flight routes on aircraft entertainment screens. Once through Bakersfield, the road takes us onto Highway 58 past Mojave where we see lots of wind turbines. No photos sadly as my group were all sleeping, not a bad thing as it meant no pit stops.

Eventually the group awakens and after 5 hours of non-stop driving we take a break in Barstow for what turned out to be a quick 20 minute visit to the outlet only. This outlet didn’t seem to excite us so we left and grabbed a bite to eat at Carls Jr and then head towards Vegas.

5pm, we arrive! Las Vegas, I have sure missed you. I used to visit Las Vegas at least 2-3 times a year but my last visit prior to this was during Thanksgiving in 2013. Our first choice of hotel wasn’t available for the first night so we decide to take one night at a different one before heading to our mainstay hotel the following day.

We check in at The Palazzo Las Vegas and are given a suite on a floor on the late 30’s (unfortunately I have forgotten what floor this was exactly). This actually worked out really well for us as this enabled us to explore this end of the strip before concentrating on the other side later in the trip.

The suite given to us could easily fit 6-7 adults. Due to status, we were given an upgrade with a view of the strip. I think our original booking was for a strip view also but the suite may have been slightly smaller.

A room with a view……

 photo DSC_0006 1_zpsjaxn1eio.jpg

My past stays in Vegas have all been at either the Bellagio or Mirage. This suite was certainly a lot bigger and much nicer than those rooms. I can’t decide if I prefer this view or the view of the Bellagio fountains though. Each to their own really.

Some shots of the room. The room came with 2 queen beds and a further queen size sofa bed.

 photo DSC_0006 2_zpshklj0bnc.jpg

 photo DSC_0007_zpsjmxf3cxr.jpg

The sofa bed and sitting area.

 photo DSC_0010 2_zpsdxiokdxo.jpg

 photo DSC_0012_zpsekpi3ndc.jpg

The Palazzo Las Vegas is part of the same chain and complex as The Venetian. This means easy access to the Grand Canal Shoppes.

 photo DSC_0017_zpsuycmfxlh.jpg

You do see the Gondolas inside but like a schoolkid, instead of taking photos and enjoying the moment I rushed outside to get my first glimpse of the strip on foot.

 photo DSC_0028_zps3ez4kowv.jpg

My last stay at Mirage was back in 2011, I wonder how much it has changed since then. Does anyone know if the internet connection there is still poor? I don’t mind paying resort fees for extras but only if they work!!!

This is a shot of the Mirage in the background and the side of the volcano. We waited on cue for the volcano show to begin but it never happened. Not entirely sure why and there were no announcements either.

 photo DSC_0034_zpsox5yq3hf.jpg

I missed taking a shot of the interior in Grand Canal Shoppes but not inside Caesars Forum. Both I have to admit are similar.

 photo DSC_0052_zpsdyoloxdg.jpg

Fountains outside Caesars Palace.

 photo DSC_0079_zpsk7q4thqs.jpg

A last quick shot of the day from the Bellagio fountain with Paris hotel in the background.

 photo DSC_0089_zpspriabf3b.jpg

As the drive took up most of the day, by this stage I was extremely tired.With the time now being past midnight, we head back to the Venetian food court for a quick bite to eat at Panda Express and then rest up for the remainder of the night.

Next day would be a move to the Grand Chateau Marriott followed by more exploring of Las Vegas.


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