USA California / Nevada / Arizona Road Trip May 2016 Day 10 – Las Vegas Part 3

After an exhausting trip to Grand Canyon South Rim, it was time for a more relaxing day that began around midday. After a quick stop at the Fashion Mall for a bite to eat, we make our way to Fremont Street. With this being the older part of Vegas, it has never appealed to me to stay at any of the hotels here, however saying that I do enjoy coming for a a walk and spending an hour or two there.

I remember from my last visit there is now a zipline here. Seeing this brings back memories of mine from 2012 where I spent a whole day doing ziplines at Red Rock Canyon near Boulder City, about 15 miles outside of Vegas towards Hoover Dam.

 photo DSC_0265 2_zps2n0sdvnb.jpg

It looked fun but nowhere near as good as Red Rock Canyon.

A shot of Fremont Street with 2 of what would have been at one point the most popular hotels in Vegas.

 photo DSC_0268 2_zpspqi8do55.jpg

After an hour, we head back to Las Vegas Premium North Outlet for some more shopping. The great thing about outlets in US is that outlet shopping outside of the US is extremely expensive. For a quick comparison I once purchased a Tommy Hilfiger shirt for around $50 USD and the same shirt in Asia would cost $120 USD.

2 friends of mine from the UK arrived in Vegas this day so we met up with them at the outlet for a catch up. As it was approaching 9pm, we decided to eat at the outlet. My friends and I used to meet up in Vegas quite regularly (even going on vacations there together) and each visit always included a meal at The Cheesecake Factory. Luckily there was one at the outlet so off we went for some Steak Diane. We continued this mini tradition.

And each time I always ordered a chocolate milkshake…..

 photo IMG_7910_zpsgbmzmr89.jpg

After dinner we head back to the strip together for some group shots at the Bellagio Fountain. I won’t embarrass the group so here’s a few shots of the Bellagio. I will never get bored of visiting this place.

 photo IMG_0601_zpseoyc2oyj.jpg

Billie Jean by MJ starts to play and the fountain begins its magic.

 photo DSC_0295_zpsvgotzups.jpg

The Cosmopolitan looked wonderful in the background.

 photo DSC_0287_zpsa62mcaxo.jpg

Time for a midnight stroll along the strip heading past New York New York along the way.

 photo DSC_0304 2_zpsbhhvgbjn.jpg

The mini Statue of Liberty…

 photo DSC_0306_zpsoughdzhh.jpg

The Excalibur always looks better at night.

 photo DSC_0317_zpsaoyivomi.jpg

Inside Luxor they have a Titanic Exhibition and a small version of the Sphinx.

 photo DSC_0323 2_zpscpcawpls.jpg

Outside Luxor is a bigger version of the Sphinx and a Pyramid which is actually the hotel itself. Apparently the light you can see from space.

 photo DSC_0333_zpsvqbcmlbu.jpg

We also saw the light from some distance when we drove back from Grand Canyon the previous night.

Before we head back to our hotel, here’s a shot of New York New York with the rollercoaster and Statue of Liberty.

 photo DSC_0334_zps8pzwbdjp.jpg

The walk started about 11pm and ended about 1:30am. I recommend if you ever go to Vegas do spend some time walking up and down both parts of the strip. A wonderful experience.

A chilled out day, but again extremely exhausting. Time for a good nights sleep.


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