USA California / Nevada / Arizona Road Trip May 2016 Day 11 – Las Vegas Part 4 (Plus Hoover Dam)

Time does fly when you’re having fun. We begin day 11 with a drive to Hoover Dam leaving our hotel around midday arriving at Hoover Dam just before 1pm. For all first time drivers to Hoover Dam don’t be fooled by the car parks that cost so and so to park your car. If you carry on driving across to the other side of the dam, there is parking further up that’s free to park. Yes it’s a tad further to walk but it will save you $15.

I have been to Hoover Dam quite a few times now and it never ceases to amaze me how wonderful this piece of engineering truly is.

 photo DSC_0352_zps4ykvvwgo.jpg

A photo of how the water levels here have dropped over the years.

 photo DSC_0358_zpsbp9yocok.jpg

Fine engineering.

 photo DSC_0359 2_zpshitbl0jd.jpg

As Hoover Dam lies on the state line, one side shows Arizona time…

 photo DSC_0361 2_zpstaekuvvn.jpg

Whenever I used to visit during November, due to daylight saving time one side of the Dam would be an hour ahead of the other. At time of this trip both timezones were the same.

 photo DSC_0377 2_zpsrnlwijri.jpg

The bridge designed to stop traffic jams that used to hit Hoover Dam. Gone are the days of drive through traffic.

 photo DSC_0365 2_zpsnqjkcpka.jpg

Wonder how long it will take for the water to all disappear….

 photo DSC_0378_zpspfwzdcf4.jpg

If you ever come here, do stop off at the viewing point for Lake Mead.

 photo IMG_7915_zpszgnhqm2t.jpg

Those water levels that used to be….

 photo IMG_7916_zps7slv9hvh.jpg

No rest for the wicked….it’s time to head back to Vegas to grab some late lunch. We head to Boiling Crab for a lunchtime feast.

 photo DSC_0404 2_zpsgocvuf8m.jpg

Catfish and Fries basket.

 photo IMG_6743_zpsu8nbkymj.jpg

The Boiling Crab half naked crawfish with corn, potatoes, sausage, and mushroom. Bargain at less than $20++.

 photo image2_zpsazcfn6ja.jpg

Wife had some Snow Crab Legs but it was all in this big bag with some crazy combination sauce. It tasted great but the pictures of the bag didn’t come out well so no photos sadly.

After lunch we head back to the hotel and freshen ourselves up for a night of entertainment at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace with……..

Celine Dion!

 photo IMG_6755_zpsmlrtl1vn.jpg

The security took away my camera (along with everyone elses) to prevent photos from being taken inside the concert hall.

Out came the mobile phones to take sneaky pictures of the auditorium.

 photo IMG_7919_zpsuhpsc3nf.jpg

Celine belted out some fantastic tunes. I have to admit she really does have a great voice and sings with so much passion.

 photo IMG_6772_zpstys08umr.jpg

 photo IMG_7928_zpszctw81w9.jpg

Full house…

 photo IMG_7929_zpsgx8i8syi.jpg

Coming towards the end of her show…some folks got stopped taking photos but being sat where we were sat, we could clearly see many folks on the ground level taking photos freely without being asked to put their cameras away. Perks of having expensive seats. 😀

 photo IMG_7930_zpstbojsqz9.jpg

The encore being My Heart Will Go On from Titanic.

I was really surprised how much I enjoyed this concert. I can see why she’s such a huge role model to many of those out there.

After the concert had finished, we grabbed something to eat at the food court inside Caesars Palace and then headed back to Marriott Grand Chateau to pack our suitcases. Next morning we would be leaving for Los Angeles.


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