USA California / Nevada / Arizona Road Trip May 2016 Day 12 – Los Angeles

Day 12 began with what probably was the most depressing part of the trip. Leaving Las Vegas to drive to Los Angeles. We set off at 10am and give one last wave goodbye towards the Las Vegas sign before we hit the road to LA. We stop off about 90 mins later at the infamous world’s largest thermometer located in Baker and grab a bite to eat at Arby’s. More fast food! No photos though as it literally was just a quick bite and then back on the road.

We arrive in LA about 4:30pm and instead of checking into a hotel, we decided to give Airbnb a shot. For privacy reasons I won’t be sharing any inside photos of the apartment. The Airbnb apartment was located a stones throw away from the Chinese Theatre. Literally 2 minutes walk away. It was a 2 bed apartment with 2 queen beds in one room, and 1 queen bed in another. Perfect for our group. The apartment also came with 2 parking spaces! We had one vehicle only but we were still more than happy with this.

Internet connection was strong and the apartment was extremely spacious and felt very cosy. Lovely view from the balcony.

 photo DSC_0451 2_zpscvv0heqy.jpg

After settling down, we make our way towards Canyon Lake Drive which has some of the best views of the Hollywood sign. To me coming to LA is always a bit of a downer after Vegas but it does help ease me back into the pattern of going home. One member of our group had never seen the sign in person before so this was another reason to come here to get the mandatory tourist shots.

 photo DSC_0478_zpsvwdrtwcn.jpg

Nice view of part of the city from here.

 photo DSC_0465_zpsvz3vjhdh.jpg

Action…….all of a sudden these helicopters come out of nowhere.

More helicopters join, shouldn’t they be reporting the traffic around LA?

 photo DSC_0490_zpsdas82yju.jpg

A police helicopter arrives….

Turns out that there’s a man that climbed up to the top of the “D”. There was a camera crew next to us who were really excited. The one guy kept shouting “my best friend is photobombing all your photos right now!”………

This was the story.

After this we had back towards the Chinese Theatre parking back at the apartment.

We spot the Dolby Theatre….

 photo DSC_0497_zpsvny6raat.jpg

The shopping mall next door…

 photo DSC_0498 2_zps6foauc4j.jpg

Lame Hollywood Walk of Fame…

 photo DSC_0499_zps9w1l1rvu.jpg

Back to the mall….

 photo DSC_0506_zpsw7usyfas.jpg

Chocolate anyone?

 photo DSC_0507_zpseqsmufo0.jpg

California Pizza Kitchen with Hollywood sign in the background.

 photo DSC_0508 2_zpseczbennq.jpg

Hollywood again…

 photo DSC_0509 2_zps8lfyuewa.jpg

After dinner a quick visit to the Chinese Theatre itself…

 photo DSC_0510_zpsqgbavrkh.jpg

A nearby souvenir shop had this awesome display of Terminator.

 photo IMG_7939_zpsqozje02r.jpg

After a depressing long day where we left the biggest fairground in the world, it was time to head back and grab some sleep. Only one full day of our vacation remained after this before I begin my trip back to Singapore.


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I am a frequent traveller who likes to share his experiences from different locations around the world on various websites. No more will I be confused and all will be shared here on 1 place. This blog at times will include reviews on airline experience, hotels, restaurants, and various city and town locations. Note these are all my own words and I am not associated with any of the companies featured unless stated. Hope you enjoy reading my blog.
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