USA California / Nevada / Arizona Road Trip May 2016 Day 13 – Rodeo Drive and Santa Monica

So our last full day in the US was upon us and we decide to spend the day on Rodeo Drive and visiting Santa Monica. We have been to Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyworld Anaheim on past visits so no point in going to either of these again.

Our day began roughly around 10:30am with a quick stop at the Urban Lights at LACMA. Not my kind of thing however but my wife and friend seemed to enjoy it. I doubt I will come again.

 photo image1_zpslzhpindz.jpg

Off we go to Rodeo Drive, a short 10 minute drive from LACMA. We find street parking that cost less than $2 for an hour. Not bad.

Some shots of the famous street and designer shops. My wife was a bit disappointed that we didn’t see any celebrities though.

 photo DSC_0524_zpsfhwnewv2.jpg

 photo DSC_0541 2_zpsnvb71n1p.jpg

 photo DSC_0521_zpsbpggaoqc.jpg

 photo DSC_0525 2_zpstzhbl0qi.jpg

 photo DSC_0528_zpsxwr0yxnb.jpg

 photo DSC_0531_zpsthu2xckb.jpg

The whole place just seemed very superficial to me. Oh well, at least I can say we have visited now as I always skipped it in the past.

Back to the car we go and a 20 mile drive to Santa Monica. We arrive in Santa Monica around 2pm parking in the main shopping district.

Where to eat???

 photo DSC_0639 2_zpsskpjb2rw.jpg

Oh look, another Cheesecake Factory. After San Francisco and Las Vegas, this would be our 3rd visit to this chain.

I went for the Steak Diane and Chicken with Fries.

 photo IMG_7943_zpsqrecsmel.jpg

Tasted great! This was a much needed meal. After lunch we take a walk towards the beach and make our way to the pier.

 photo DSC_0553 2_zps9vqos3ds.jpg

 photo DSC_0559_zpsui42lcev.jpg

Beach looks lovely. I remember seeing a womens beach volleyball game once in LA. That was awesome. No volleyball match today though.

 photo DSC_0568 2_zpsus62sh01.jpg

Rollecoaster on the pier. $8 a ride

 photo DSC_0582 2_zpsvhpd9zpq.jpg

Fishing in the Pacific Ocean.

 photo DSC_0623 2_zps8bgpydmf.jpg

View of the amusement park and beach from the end of the pier.

 photo DSC_0625 2_zpskkflo5mi.jpg

I realise the park has a name!

 photo DSC_0629 2_zpscvttywlg.jpg

Back to the main high street.

 photo DSC_0634 2_zpsltzvwgem.jpg

Santa Monica is an extremely pleasant place. I always enjoyed visiting in the past and this was no different.

Rodeo Drive, done. Santa Monica, done. Where to next? OK, let’s go to Citadel Outlets in Commerce, LA. Only 25 miles or so from Santa Monica. We head off at 4:30pm and due to traffic we arrive about 6pm. Oh well, last minute shopping never sucks. Last day complete and it’s time to pack our suitcases one last time.


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