SQ / 9W: SIN-BOM-GOI-BLR-SIN with a Mix of J and Y with Various Hotels Part 1….

I hope my last trip report travelling around West Coast USA was enjoyable to read, well enough for you to be interested in this one anyway.

For this trip, I was lucky enough to visit 3 different places in India staying at a different hotel chain at each one during monsoon season.

The itinerary in early August was as follows:

Day 1: SQ424 SIN-BOM B777-300 J Class new layout. Hotel Sofitel Mumbai.
Day 2: 9W426 BOM-GOI B737-800 J Class. Hotel Park Hyatt Goa.
Days 3-4: Hotel Park Hyatt Goa.
Day 5: 9W2952 GOI-BLR Y Class ATR 72. Hotel JW Marriott.
Day 6: SQ503 BLR-SIN J Class B777-200 ER.

The day began on a rainy afternoon in Singapore. My journey to the airport took me past some iconic views from around the city.

 photo IMG_8392_zpses5rmn8r.jpg

Blurry picture of MBS…. The rain began to fall not long after this.

 photo IMG_8393_zpss0yontus.jpg

Business class check-in area of Terminal 3 was empty. With this being a Sunday afternoon, I did expect a slightly more packed airport.

 photo IMG_8396_zpsyzjq4thl.jpg

Time to head out to the back….

 photo IMG_8397_zps8izoxfe4.jpg

A quick visit to the lounge….

 photo IMG_8401_zpsec5jap9x.jpg

 photo IMG_8402_zpsd95qmxbl.jpg

A very empty lounge I must say……not that I minded.

 photo IMG_8405_zpsawaoxjxg.jpg

There are seats inside the lounge that provides good viewing of the transfer area. Unfortunately, no windows to see any birds.

 photo IMG_8406_zpsbmd5dxyc.jpg

Just to show how quiet this lounge was…..

 photo IMG_8407_zpsmwwmybg8.jpg

Food wasn’t particularly appetizing so I ended up with some chicken wings, meatballs and potato.

 photo IMG_8409_zpsgp78nxlz.jpg

Drinks counter.

 photo IMG_8410_zpsk6rhyrzt.jpg

After food, I head to our gate. B10 if I remember correctly.

 photo IMG_8411_zpsvnokpay9.jpg

I couldn’t get a shot of our bird for the night but I managed to take a shot of the plane parked next door.

 photo IMG_8412_zps95brzpcp.jpg

Time to board and I make my way to my seat 20K.

 photo IMG_8413_zpsdgzrydgd.jpg

I didn’t realise I would be trying the new J class layout until boarding. Small storage area. Adequate.

 photo IMG_8416_zps9bry5vfz.jpg

Nice touch screen remote…

 photo IMG_8417_zps5hbucy44.jpg

The bed layout still directs your legs towards the corner. Although the seat is wonderful, if sleeping it can be a little restless.

 photo IMG_8422_zpsbkjpur0z.jpg

IFE screen.

 photo IMG_8423_zpsvqvp7bpf.jpg

Plenty of leg space.

 photo IMG_8425_zpsg6n9g2gm.jpg

View from the side.

 photo IMG_8428_zpsn0mlgvvn.jpg

Food menu.

 photo IMG_8429_zps70wrsa4f.jpg
 photo IMG_8430_zpsxelnhtrq.jpg

 photo IMG_8431_zpssmjini6g.jpg

Champagne and wine offerings….

 photo IMG_8432_zpsehqtn7vc.jpg

 photo IMG_8433_zpsl5vlxvkf.jpg

 photo IMG_8435_zps5wpopjal.jpg

I went for my usual champagne…

 photo IMG_8439_zpsigljbebs.jpg

As we approach for take-off I do a little plane spotting, ironic I spot a couple of Jet Airways birds.

 photo IMG_8441_zps0ogvuf4d.jpg

Heading off…

 photo IMG_8446_zpsyqahjkdm.jpg

And off we go…

 photo IMG_8450_zpsw4vuit5r.jpg

Flight information on SQ has improved a lot.

 photo IMG_8453_zpsbgwvzcpb.jpg

 photo IMG_8454_zpsae4wlmnk.jpg

Headset, slippers and socks!

 photo IMG_8457_zps4a2mxcii.jpg

Seat view…

 photo IMG_8458_zpshqov64qh.jpg

Time for food beginning with the traditional satay!


Seafood starter with garlic bread. Delicious!

 photo IMG_8466_zps7yeuc2js.jpg

I went for book the cook. Beef fillet with mash potato and roasted vegetables! Great choice.

 photo IMG_8469_zpseuexbjft.jpg

 photo IMG_8470_zpsx2kvwe8r.jpg

Ice cream dessert and cheese and crackers! I love cheddar cheese with crackers. I always ask for more.

 photo IMG_8472_zpsf5i1vje6.jpg

After food I get some rest and the flight map indicates we are an hour away from Mumbai.

 photo IMG_8473_zpsv04r1yd9.jpg

Wifi was available on board but came at an expensive price.

 photo IMG_8464_zpseghswbxs.png

$19.99 for 50MB, other options include 30MB for $12.99 or 15MB for $6.99.

As we land, it’s raining extremely heavy. No more photos as it was pointless until I reached the hotel. It is monsoon season after all.

This is my 3rd time staying in Sofitel Mumbai. It’s a lovely hotel with great ambience about the place. I didn’t have time to visit the gym or pool as I arrived late and my stay here would be for less than 12 hours. When I arrived they took me straight to my room to check-in. I am not a big fan of this as sometimes I like to enquire what my room is like before I reach.

 photo IMG_8484_zpswwrq3hyb.jpg

Restaurant entrance where I would have breakfast the following morning.

 photo IMG_8485_zpsegaimwz0.jpg

Room was pleasant with a nice feel to it. I can’t complain really as it’s my 3rd time here and it’s the same quality of stay as my previous visits.

 photo IMG_8486_zpswoukq42n.jpg

Separate bath and shower….

 photo IMG_8487_zpsvkhbo0u3.jpg

Time to sleep before another days flying begins.

 photo IMG_8488_zpsf3jezsfw.jpg

To be continued….. 


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I am a frequent traveller who likes to share his experiences from different locations around the world on various websites. No more will I be confused and all will be shared here on 1 place. This blog at times will include reviews on airline experience, hotels, restaurants, and various city and town locations. Note these are all my own words and I am not associated with any of the companies featured unless stated. Hope you enjoy reading my blog.
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