SQ / 9W: SIN-BOM-GOI-BLR-SIN with a Mix of J and Y with Various Hotels Part 2….

Apparently, the rain had been non-stop for 36 hours by the time I arrived at the hotel. Understandable with this being monsoon season of course. However, the next morning the rain did stop briefly. As I looked outside the window, there was what I could only guess to be a hotel security or staff briefing.

 photo IMG_8489_zpsxqm7yreb.jpg

The last time I was here was in November 2015, I don’t recall the progress of the construction opposite so I decided to add this for next time sake.

 photo IMG_8490_zpsgfxxtyyw.jpg

Before I head for check-out, I grab a quick bite for breakfast. Lovely selection of cereals and fruits on offer.

 photo IMG_8492_zpsaohxuvoq.jpg

 photo IMG_8491_zpsnemm8wva.jpg

Congee cooking station…. better than many hotels I’ve stayed in around Asia.

 photo IMG_8493_zpso2jcdkwz.jpg

Other offerings include local and western…

 photo IMG_8494_zpsjwzujsk1.jpg

 photo IMG_8495_zpspvtgdhzt.jpg

After breakfast it’s time to head off for my day of meetings before making my way back to the airport for a domestic flight to Goa.

Jet Airways shares a first and business class check in area with Emirates.

 photo IMG_8499_zpsl8ezruzl.jpg

 photo IMG_8497_zpsvmelfeyr.jpg

Everything related to check-in was efficient except the check-in girl printed off a priority sticker for my suitcase but forgot to include this with my suitcase. Unfortunately, this meant when I arrived in Goa, my suitcase inevitably was last rather than first!

As I didn’t have time to get lunch, I decide to head straight to the lounge after security. There is no separate section in security for business class passengers. Queuing is not an option for many as a large number of passengers decide to walk straight to the front of queues and push in, in front of other folks. No one seemed to care about this either (including employees). It’s not worth the hassle I’m sure so after a delayed 15 minutes I finally make my way to the lounge and grab a bite!

 photo IMG_8503_zpskwb69jn4.jpg

 photo IMG_8502_zpskbzgluxk.jpg

It is here that I discovered a love for Roti and Prata! The food wasn’t bad either.

 photo IMG_8505_zpsaa1surek.jpg

With the rains lashing down, every couple of minutes or so I still see a plane landing.

 photo IMG_8506_zpsvbsydr9b.jpg

Bar area…

 photo IMG_8507_zpszl2lhqdw.jpg

Lounge overall wasn’t so busy…

 photo IMG_8508_zps4iyd9nhj.jpg

I pop out for a walk after to see what the shopping is like at the airport. Goodbye lounge!!!

 photo IMG_8510_zpsulrdqucl.jpg

I take a glance at the screen and it’s suddenly changed from being on time to being delayed by 35 minutes.

 photo IMG_8511_zpsxejqejti.jpg

The airport terminal has a nice ambience feel to it…

 photo IMG_8513_zpse9ajxbz4.jpg

So with the delay, it’s back to the lounge I go.

 photo IMG_8514_zpsfqhhspf9.jpg

Lounge is still nowhere near half capacity.

 photo IMG_8516_zpsggomkb1m.jpg

45 mins to departure and it’s time to head to the gate.

 photo IMG_8519_zpsiee12fdj.jpg

Another delay is announced so I do a bit more window rain staring.

 photo IMG_8526_zpsozr9v3dd.jpg

Eventually it’s time to board and I make my way on to the 9W 737 aircraft to Goa.

 photo IMG_8529_zpswfgeds2j.jpg

There are 3 rows in business class each with a 2×2 layout. Total number of pax in business was 4.

Plenty of leg space, reminds me of premium economy on long haul flights on some carriers.

 photo IMG_8530_zpsarrjyegw.jpg

Even on this short 1-hour flight there are light refreshments served.

 photo IMG_8531_zpspuzxdetc.jpg

With a break in the rain, it’s time for take-off.

 photo IMG_8537_zpsee802jss.jpg

Quick bit of plane spotting..

 photo IMG_8540_zpst46crid5.jpg

 photo IMG_8545_zpsl9mzi1gz.jpg

 photo IMG_8548_zpsckjb33z4.jpg

And off we go.

 photo IMG_8554_zps7hiwaprr.jpg

Shots of Mumbai as we leave.

 photo IMG_8557_zpssvffpnx0.jpg

 photo IMG_8562_zpsqebtonq3.jpg

Light meal served not long after take-off.

 photo IMG_8568_zpsobpceqa8.jpg

After food the flight gets hit with quite a bit of turbulence so we all remain in our seats until the end of the flight. Upon landing it’s a quick exit with the exception of luggage. As mentioned earlier, my luggage wasn’t tagged priority and ended up being one of the last bags to come out.

30 minutes later, I arrive at Park Hyatt Goa. I head straight to my room with high expectations.

 photo IMG_8570_zpsizdio3xx.jpg

 photo IMG_8571_zpsli5oet43.jpg

 photo IMG_8573_zpsv7ausfjz.jpg

Nice hotel overall and will share the photos of the surroundings in my next update. However, I did expect the room to be better as I have had good Grand Hyatt experiences in Bangkok, KL and Regency HK.

To be continued….


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