SQ / 9W: SIN-BOM-GOI-BLR-SIN with a Mix of J and Y with Various Hotels Part 3….

With a bit of time spare before a full day of meetings, I take a gander around the grounds of Park Hyatt Goa. Although I wasn’t too keen on the room, the grounds itself is quite exceptional. Especially for this part of the world, an unexpected hidden treasure.

The hotel entrance as expected is highly guarded. Once you pass security, you come to this wonderful looking complex.

 photo IMG_8638_zps3ihq6yak.jpg

 photo IMG_8637_zpsc5acnf90.jpg

Hotel staff all courteous.

 photo IMG_8636_zpswsafkojk.jpg

I must add that the photos were only able to be captured due to a temporary break in the rainfall.

 photo IMG_8635_zpsig0loq7p.jpg

View of the pool with the Arabian Sea in the background.

 photo IMG_8634_zpsrylrvuar.jpg

Hotel gardens.

 photo IMG_8631_zps3vys65cy.jpg

View of the hotel from the garden.

 photo IMG_8630_zpshqyrst36.jpg

 photo IMG_8629_zpskfzen2jp.jpg

 photo IMG_8624_zpsp8jyfkkf.jpg

Reached the sea. As you can see it was quite windy.

 photo IMG_8628_zpsawmcex3k.jpg

 photo IMG_8627_zpsayydy5gm.jpg

 photo IMG_8626_zpsnbfmgsam.jpg

After this I head off to work for the day. Work finishes and I arrive back at the hotel with the rain still falling and the light beginning to fade.

 photo IMG_8612_zpsxaqzniq4.jpg

My colleagues and I head off to a restaurant 15 minutes away. The name of the place is called Martin’s Corner.

 photo IMG_8617_zpsjphpgozd.jpg

 photo IMG_8619_zpsenym1bsm.jpg

Had to try the light spiced Goan Crab. This was delicious. To go with this, we ordered a coconut chicken and a spinach dish. Also delicious.

 photo IMG_8620_zpsjkgfuyjc.jpg

 photo IMG_8621_zpsovagcgl3.jpg

A lovely restaurant, named after the original owner now passed down to his children.

 photo IMG_8622_zps0wlzkucq.jpg

After dinner, it’s back to the hotel for a bath and shower in one.

 photo IMG_8641_zpsih5hukzc.jpg

Never seen this concept before. Wasn’t sure if this was a good idea or a bad one. Having a bath in this wasn’t very comfortable. This brings my stay in Goa to an end and the next day will see me fly to Bangalore for the final stage of this trip report.

To be continued.


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I am a frequent traveller who likes to share his experiences from different locations around the world on various websites. No more will I be confused and all will be shared here on 1 place. This blog at times will include reviews on airline experience, hotels, restaurants, and various city and town locations. Note these are all my own words and I am not associated with any of the companies featured unless stated. Hope you enjoy reading my blog.
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