Day 5: 9W2952 GOI-BLR Y Class ATR 72. Hotel JW Marriott

Unfortunately, due to plenty of travel and friends visiting, my latest update on this report has taken a lot longer compile than expected.

Day 5 began with breakfast and then a quick 2-hour flight from GOI to BLR on board an ATR 72. GOI was nothing to write home about. High security before checking in at the airport followed by separate queues based on gender to go through departure security. The women’s queue was a lot shorter than the men’s with many folks trying to push in. Be warned that getting through security can take some time.

Once past security, the airport itself does not have much to offer. Not much choice for food so do ensure you are full before heading to the airport. I hate to see what the airport is like during peak travel period, not long after this photo was taken, the airport got crowded quite quickly.

 photo IMG_8648_zpsasktoswo.jpg

After a brief delay of maybe around 30 minutes, our flight is called for boarding. The notices for the flight were a bit confusing but eventually, myself and fellow passenger managed to work out where we had to go. Coincidently, she was going to be my seatmate for the next 2 hours.

We board a bus that takes us on a quick 30 second journey to our plane.

 photo IMG_8650_zpsoifrmgaj.jpg

For those interested, you board this aircraft from the rear and not the front.

 photo IMG_8652_zpsobtqipwr.jpg

Seating is in a 2×2 format with 1 class only.

 photo IMG_8653_zpswlixwlqs.jpg

Seating space was adequate.

 photo IMG_8655_zpsjclc6wuj.jpg

A snack consisting of sandwich and muffin was served almost immediately after takeoff.

 photo IMG_8658_zpsxuzucmqx.jpg

We arrive in Bangalore in good time and pleased to say there was no rain.

A quick shot of the front of the craft before we head off to the hotel.

 photo IMG_8659_zps4gdopcze.jpg

After collecting my luggage, I decide to grab an Uber, partly because the hotel taxi was going to cost around 8x more. I had to walk about 10 minutes from arrivals to the designated Uber pick up point. Taking an Uber was a great idea, but Uber really needs to signpost this better as it can be quite confusing.

In my Uber on my way to JW Marriott….

 photo IMG_8663_zpsvfevchhj.jpg

This driver was a complete c#@k. The maps used by Uber (I am assuming it’s Google Maps) were slightly wrong and he had to drive an extra 150-200 metres to reach my destination. He demanded a tip from me because the maps were wrong, in fact he was quite threatening. Needless to say I told him I’ll be contacting Uber management about what’s happened. Anyhow, not sure if Uber are still associated with him.

After checking in, I make my way to my room and grab some quick shots of the view before I head to dinner.

 photo IMG_8687_zpsrkxico0z.jpg

 photo IMG_8686_zpsgtbatnrd.jpg

 photo IMG_8684_zpsu9m9bsd7.jpg

Semi view of the stadium next door…

 photo IMG_8682_zpsfrygxkdj.jpg

I head to the restaurant for buffet dinner before the evening rush arrives.

 photo IMG_8679_zpsyhhkkdgz.jpg

 photo IMG_8678_zpsnwdivw8o.jpg

 photo IMG_8677_zpspi5om19n.jpg

 photo IMG_8676_zpsdlk0xryu.jpg

 photo IMG_8674_zpscfbmewwi.jpg

The choice of food was quite excellent, especially the desserts. After 3 rounds, I decide to call it a day with my decision to go early a winner as after this, the restaurant got quite busy.

 photo IMG_8673_zpsgkskwlsw.jpg

The JW Marriott buffet restaurant is one of my favorite places to dine in during all of my stays here in Bangalore.

Some final snaps of the hotel room before I get down to work for the night.

 photo IMG_8668_zpskajiaauw.jpg

Spacious even with 2 queen beds in the room.

 photo IMG_8667_zpsiv22znkw.jpg

A lot different compared to the shower in Goa…

 photo IMG_8665_zps7hrc1ffs.jpg

Bathroom with a view.

 photo IMG_8664_zpspy3jpjns.jpg

JW Marriott is probably one of the best hotels in India that I have stayed in. It’s comfortable, spacious and has a lovely atmosphere. There is also a shopping mall next door with a number of restaurants. I ate in a Mexican restaurant the last time I was here, as well as a Chinese restaurant. None however were as good as the hotel hence why I decided to eat there this time.

My stay here lasted one night only. Once morning came, after a day of meetings it would be off back to the airport for a red eye flight back to Singapore.


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