Day 6: SQ503 BLR-SIN J Class B777-200 ER

After check-out in the morning, it’s time for me to make my way to a series of meetings before I head back to the airport. These days, checking out of hotels has become extremely easy and simplified. I was the only one at the counter with the whole process taking less than 2 minutes.

 photo IMG_8689_zps00fche3e.jpg

The décor inside the hotel was magnificent, the last time I was here I recall seeing the huge space filled with a Christmas tree so this part never stood out as much.

 photo IMG_8690_zpsdmx9ul0d.jpg

To reach my meetings, I give myself 2 hours and decide again to take an Uber instead of a hotel car. This resulted in a bit of excitement. My driver accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up on a one-way street, it was difficult for him to know it was a one-way street as Google Maps took him down this direction. There was heavy traffic coming towards us and unfortunately police came by and forced my driver to pull over requesting him to hand over his ID card. After around 30 minutes the driver paid a fine and then given back his card. We were then permitted to be back on our way. The police stopped everyone going the wrong direction.

 photo IMG_8692_zpsxhkmoytq.jpg

My meetings end and after being warned it may take a couple of hours to reach BLR, I decide to head straight to the airport for what potentially could get me in time for when check-in opens or a couple of hours early. Better to be early than late! Along the way, I spot one of many motorcycles and auto rickshaws (tuk-tuk) on the road.

 photo IMG_8697_zpsqgtcssaq.jpg

 photo IMG_8699_zpshobvoopt.jpg

With little traffic and less than an hour on the road, I spot the ATC for BLR.

 photo IMG_8715_zpssca7d6n5.jpg

As you can see, there’s still plenty of light outside and with my flight being a red eye, it was going to be a long wait inside the terminal before I could check in. Only ticketed passengers are allowed inside the terminal so there’s not much happening inside with most of the café’s and eateries situated outside. Also, once you enter the terminal you are not permitted to leave so for smokers, be prepared as after this you only be able to smoke once you are past immigration / security.

I grab myself a spot and stay here for a few hours watching a movie on my iPad.

 photo IMG_8716_zpsiqqnrdfc.jpg

3 hours before my flight, check-in opens with the normal channels of separate desks based on travel class. All check-in desks were empty.

 photo IMG_8719_zpsao8xihfm.jpg

After checking in I head for the departure area and again experience the joys of being pushed around during security. Not to worry, this adds 10 minutes only and eventually I reach the lounge. With the day being more than 12 hours already, it’s time to grab a shower and slip into travel gear for a red eye flight.

Shower was nothing special but comfortable enough to freshen up for your flight.

 photo IMG_8721_zps189o1j0j.jpg

 photo IMG_8722_zpsvzooewc8.jpg

Inside the shower room was also a massage table in case you wanted one on offer. The sign asks you to Respect the Masseuse.

 photo IMG_8724_zpsz2hwt8lr.jpg

Back to the lounge itself, there was a bar, cooking station and with plenty of items on offer.

 photo IMG_8729_zpslfvb3avp.jpg

Seating area was a plenty but it did get full pretty quick.

 photo IMG_8730_zpse5hnlexk.jpg

View from inside the lounge is of the shopping area after immigration.

 photo IMG_8731_zpsfuxnkuso.jpg

For food, I go for a cooked to order pasta with a chocolate pancake for dessert. This washed down with a local IPA and a can of Pepsi.

 photo IMG_8732_zpsx3ygo5ie.jpg

I was quite hungry so this went down pretty quick and I have to admit, it tasted quite good. After catching up on some emails, I head to the gate with around 10 minutes to go before boarding. The terminal is very nice, with a nice ambient feel to it.

 photo IMG_8736_zpstdp3rlrs.jpg

Next time, I think I will come here for a drink before my flight. Looks pretty chilled out and relaxing.

 photo IMG_8738_zpsxol2ogg2.jpg

The gate had security personnel dressed up in army gear. After your boarding pass is checked, the guards check to see if your carry-on luggage has been stamped by security otherwise they will rummage through your stuff before you are permitted to board. Separate boarding channels as expected.

 photo IMG_8739_zpsglhvq3n5.jpg

With this being a 777-200, tonight’s red eye in J class will be on the regional 2x2x2 layout.

 photo IMG_8740_zpsnnusj6rz.jpg

 photo IMG_8743_zpsivvnqswz.jpg

Entertainment is on the old set up. This didn’t concern me as the flight would be 4 hours 30 minutes only and after supper I planned to grab some sleep.

 photo IMG_8745_zps1lfuanmt.jpg

Tonight’s supper menu….

 photo IMG_8750_zpsn2un0bag.jpg

 photo IMG_8752_zpsksbkcyek.jpg

Chicken for main….

 photo IMG_8754_zpsfulixrhj.jpg

Food so far was OK but nothing special. This on the other hand was delicious.

 photo IMG_8755_zpsumipcida.jpg

With almost 3 hours to go on the flight, I decide to settle in and grab a few hours’ sleep before arriving back in Singapore at 6am.

 photo IMG_8756_zpsaeh69xei.jpg

Overall, the slight out to Mumbai was excellent with the new J product. Loved it! Looking forward to one day trying this on the long haul routes to SFO and LAX.

The regional product is still good but I prefer to take this on a day time flight as the flat beds are slightly angled and not as comfortable for a long sleep (I did get the opportunity to try this not so long after fortunately).

Thanks for reading, please do look out for my future trip reports on recent trips I took to Tokyo via SQ, a week-long trip at the Singapore F1 and Hong Kong, and a trip to San Francisco via NRT on ANA J.


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